"I Saw You" is a project that mines Craigslist Missed Connections for brief encounters of missed possibilities. These posts have manifested into publicly placed sculptures commemorating the missed moment. Each monument is installed in the place the Missed Connection happened.

The posts are fleeting. They expire after seven days. They are instantaneous, as a digital forum the posts takes moments to write, and become live. On the other hand, the modest monuments have a permanence. They could last forever, and are meant to, but as unsanctioned public artworks, they are unprotected and at the mercy of the city or the public.

Each object is referenced in the Missed Connection as an identifier. The object and plaque has been bronzed and forever commemorated, displaying the post’s narrative word for word. In a similar gesture of the Missed Connection’s fugitive nature, the work is absent from the gallery. The items on display within the gallery are documents and tools to navigate the landscape of the Missed Connection narratives. The site-specific monuments are distributed throughout San Francisco. I hope you will visit these sites and enjoy the poetics of loss and longing.


Click the blue dots to see the sculpture in place.

* These sculptures were installed without permission, and therefore I can not guarantee they will remain in their location. 

Sculptures as of 4/29/18